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Novas Minis e novo Skirmish game vindo em 2012

Saiu no OnLine Dungeon Master Wordpress uma notícia bombástica para os fãns de miniaturas para D&D.

A Wizard of the Coast está planejando trazer mais miniaturas para os fãns no próximo ano, e incluindo com uma nova maneira de jogo. Usando mais cartas do que o dado. O fator sorte que a rolagem de dado aplicava aos combates ao que parece agora será substituido pela sorte em pescar uma boa carta com habilidade/comandos.

Ainda não se sabe muito, mas o pouco que se descobriu deixou as comunidades de fãns de miniaturas e skirmisher muito contentes.

Eis aqui a citação importante do relato, que se encontra no link acima em seu texto original em Inglês.

11:50: Miniatures. They started in 2003. Interest eventually faded. 9 months ago they decided to stop doing what they were doing. RPGers don’t like randomized miniatures. A random model makes it cheaper per miniatures – some kobolds, goblins, spider… early on people bought a bunch of random stuff. But later, when you already have a lot of stuff, you don’t want to pay to get more stuff that you already have to get a little of what you don’t have.
11:51: Next year they’re going to release non-collectible miniatures in themes (drow, goblins) in sets of 12, including some large. Also a miniatures game on top of this. A board game using these war bands of miniatures. Helps retailers who don’t want to get stuck with the “out” stuff this month.
11:52: Rodney re: the game. The big difference with this new game is that it’s a diceless game. It’s a tactical game where skill is really important. Action cards are the commands you give your units that drive them around the battlefield. Luck comes from cards, but you make more informed decisions after you draw them. Focused on more skill than luck. Made tile placement at the start of the game an important part of the decision-making. Each set comes with miniatures and creature cards for the set, but also some command cards. Sounds like there’s a CCG aspect to it with these command cards.
11:54: Rodney. There will be a public, open play test well in advance, starting in the next couple of months. You can print out the cards online, use your own minis, playtest, and provide feedback. They want us to help them make it a better game.
11:55: The open playtest is a new thing for them. If they’re going to do a big, new thing, they’re going to get our input.
11:56: Playtest is not DDI-only. Information will hopefully be in mid-September on web site. There’s some testing under NDA here at the con. Tiles are 8 by 8, can be used with D&D.
11:57: Will minis be limited edition? Goblins, for instance, should always be available in some form.
11:58: Maybe include stat-block cards D&D style? Don’t want to drive up the cost too much with stuff that’s not miniatures.
11:58: New sculpts? Packs for PC races that haven’t been released yet? Some new sculpts, yes. Going to be hard to do this for fringe stuff.

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